Monday, March 13, 2017

#VladimirPutin HATES #DonaldTrump! Here’s Why Donald Trump is Putin’s Monkey Wrench

Putin is smart.

Donald Trump is not.

Putin is now, by many measures, the most powerful man on Earth.

Donald Trump, by most measures, is a bumbling leader of backwards facing nationalists who are disconnected from reality.

Putin knows what will happen by stirring up the American people. He can throw Trump into the works and gum them all up. Trump, a perfect dupe, provides Vladimir Putin a perfect win/win opportunity.

If Trump is successful, he is obviously, for whatever reason, beholden to Putin. He admires Putin. He looks up to Putin. He will bend over for Putin and lift sanctions, facilitate business deals to strengthen Russia, pull our military in wasteful, unproductive directions, but directions which provide Putin reasons to call America a threat, which he can use to cement power in his realm.

If Trump is a failure, Putin can sit on the sidelines and watch the show. America is in disarray. But the American machine is so large, with such impetus, the outcome is unavoidable. When Donald Trump fails, America will chew him up.

Trump’s entire message is win, win, win! There is no long term outcome where Trump can win. He can deliver short term profits, deliver short term advances for his followers, deliver long term victories to Russia. But he can’t come out on the other side of this victorious. There is too much stacked against him.

Putin, by steering support for Trump, ensures that a majority of the American people will eventually fault Trump’s Russian connection. Just like the Electoral College relied on, not just superior numbers, but selectively the “right” numbers to elect Trump, his downfall will likewise be selective.

Politics is a complex game. It always has been. It always will be. There is no matching complexity in Trump’s mental prowess, or lack thereof. He is caught between Bannon’s and Putin’s joint objective to disrupt America. The machine will respond. Just like his selective numbers provided for his victory, his selected enemies will provide for his defeat. It just so happens that the majority of Americans agree with that outcome. This, again, plays into a winning scenario for Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin rose up through the KGB. He knows how American intelligence works. He knows what buttons to push. He can make our IC work for him if he steers it properly. And with Trump’s incompetent leadership and constant need to obfuscate it is guaranteed that the people who could reverse the course Putin so desires will be busy dealing with internal strife.

Sometimes it is very important to cut through the mess. Sometimes the simple answer, though not the only one, is the most important. Americans need to be fully aware of one thing: Vladimir Putin is not our friend.

If you think Putin is America’s friend, you are his pawn and uneducated. Educate yourself. If you think hurting American power is in the best interests of the world, you might have a point. If you think strengthening the interests of Vladimir Putin is in the best interests of the world, you are very sorely mistaken. Making our leadership respond is a very American thing. We must. We have a history of it. The idea that it is the right thing to do, for the most part, comes from America, being America. Handing over our interests to a former KGB, wealthy tyrant hell bent on world domination, or at the very least hell bent on running a hemisphere under autocratic, strongman rule, is evil. We need to pull together and be Americans first.

Putin well understands the complexities of politics. Putin understands that by throwing Trump into the gears of America he can achieve many of his goals, regardless of the outcome for Trump. Some people think Putin loves Donald Trump. But how could you set someone up for such failure unless you hated them?

Our machine is being wrecked. And Donald Trump is Putin’s monkey wrench.