Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Tactics of @RealDonaldTrump: Bombastic, Belligerent or Beguiling?

It's dangerous to assume anything with certainty where Donald Trump is concerned. Results would lead one to believe, at least as far as campaigning goes, that he, or someone on his team does seem to know what they're doing.

It could be simply that Bannon's strategy and worldview have been skulking around the edges of reality just waiting for a moment like this, and Trump was the doorway Bannon needed to walk them in. Or it could be that Trump is actually more clever than he seems and deftly crafted his team with forethought. More likely the former than the latter.

But too much good analysis has already fallen to the sword of underestimation when it comes to Trump.

Loathe to credit anyone in the Trump administration, including President Trump himself, with enough skill and intellect to pull off his 2016 victory, most pundits look for any excuse to play down his abilities.

Analysts and editors, politicians and podcasters continually look for the million and one reasons for Trump's success, rather than focusing outward from the simple fact, he won.

Trust me, that very commitment to winning is most likely the purity of focus which allowed for such a November surprise. Really. Trust me when I tell you. He won, bigly. Believe me. Really.

Putting the anomaly that is Trump under a microscope might reveal an amazing array of unexpected random complexity. This would be at best, a fruitless endeavor, at worst, a tragic diversion during a critical moment.

Whatever magic or skill currently being exuded by The Donald is almost irrelevant. It doesn't matter so much how he is doing what he is doing, but more that he IS doing it. And whatever dynamic in the contemporary social and political constructs allowing him to succeed to the degree he

The question "Does he know what he's doing?" is foolish. Of course he knows what he's doing.

Is he doing what needs to be done? To him and his, yes. They want the chaos. It is part of the dismantling of the modern liberal construct.

So the true question is, given this admitted goal of disruption, "Does Donald Trump know how to be a good president?" All evidence at this time points to no. Changing the paradigm has been done. This doesn't automatically negate Trump's credibility. But is Trump a viable vessel for this paradigm shift, whether the world wants it or not? It would seem, instead, that he is just a buffoon.  

Analyzing the Trump phenomenon requires observance from a knowledgeable position. We have to get close, and see as his see.

In many ways, yes, he's a stereotypical demagogue. This is obvious. But the thing that is Donald Trump does not live in a vacuum. The strengths of the American system that limit his ability to fully dismantle democracy also allow him, and his, to percolate in ways where other tyrants, at other times or in other places, would self destruct, pushing further than their own limits, eventually exploding through abuse of their own ambition and avarice.

But our system, both fortunately and unfortunately, comes with built in regulators which could allow him time to mature. Maturity in this instance should not be interpreted as meaning "good" or "grown," or any other positive outcome. Snakes, hyenas and hurricanes mature. That doesn't mean we want them to have "The Codes." 

Whatever skill set, lucky streak, communal confabulation, or distortion of cosmic consciousness which has set about to allow the unallowable, or concede to the unconscionable, President Trump is a reality. His manifestation within the American experience represents a unique set of challenges when considering his brand of authoritarianism.

One thing is certain, Trump has brought a level of uncertainty, unparalleled in U.S. history into a world near powder keg climax. This is bad.

Simple statements are needed at this time, both to navigate this new world, and to communicate to those who support Trump, hoping to reach them and pull them, and us, back from the brink of Trumpian dystopia.

This is critical. Why would I reach out to you, spend my time writing all this?

Simple statements: I'm just a guy. Trump is bad. Some people don't understand that Trump is bad. We need to explain to them that Trump is bad. Those people DO NOT follow intellectuals down rabbit holes of mindful meanderings. They are not impressed by any egotistic, pedantic, pretentious, or overly intellectual ramblings. Don't shake them off. The fault is ours if we can't speak to the people who need to hear.

It's time to stop fantasizing about impeachment. It could happen. It probably should happen. But if "should" were the measure, November 2016 would have represented "should" much better.

Pushing for impeachment, for investigations, for checks on an out of control president are all actually valuable parts of resisting Trump. But yet still, we need to focus also on turning the gaze of his mesmerized Cult of Trump away from the captor of their souls. These things must be understood. As we resist him, Trump uses that energy to feed his followers. It is unpleasant that they worship him so much as to allow him such license of vulgarity and abuse of American values. But again, like the fact that he is, they do.

Together they feed in a loop of admiration. He loves what they give him. His followers love what he gives them. Lies? Falsehoods? To them, comfort in blissful ignorance. How can we compete with that? I'm not yet sure. But we have to

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