Thursday, February 23, 2017

Peripheral Damage from @RealDonaldTrump's Sweeping Immigration Orders

A recent US Border Patrol press release casually mentioned the results of an "immigration traffic stop."

They claimed success at having detained three undocumented aliens who were passengers in the car, along with one legal resident alien who was driving.

Immigration traffic stop? What the hell is that?

There have also been many questions about the legal rights of undocumented aliens lately.

Nobody seems to be focusing on the constitutional abuses bound to take place against Latino citizens or people of color.

Case in point: How would agents determine who to pull over in an "immigration stop?"

These new orders on their face present multiple issues. But delve deeper into the peripheral results and you'll see problems spreading in all directions.

Just the PR element alone of these crackdowns is bad for anyone who respects multiculturalism. Examining the obvious advantages and liabilities through the potential effects on undocumented aliens is one thing. But those who will see this as an extreme repudiation of America's long standing tradition of tolerance will respond accordingly, whether in support of this intolerance, or as a result.

These extreme measures are a win for white supremacists and white nationalists, even some who don't recognize their own leanings as such. Talented immigrants will stay away, feeling unwelcome. Low skilled labor, those most targeted by these orders, those with the most need, will still seek any opportunity they can find, just to live. And they will do so from such a weak position that they will fail to report crimes against them, or crimes they witness. In short, many negative elements will have more cover under which to hide.   

Those issues notwithstanding, what about the rights of any American who doesn't look like his or her ancestors wore powdered wigs?

The general consensus seems to be it is appropriate to have an interpretation of constitutional violations ONLY relative to court admissibility or arrest. But doesn't the Constitution protect citizens from targeting without probable cause? those targeting events are flawed regardless of discovery.

Focusing only on the results of constitutional violations based on failure or success of conviction rates has been too long accepted. Those violations should not take place to begin with.And how do the new orders from Trump effect parents of children born in the United States?

These extreme orders are another reason Trump's bull in a china shop strategy is bad for America.

Either there is no adequate thought given to the ripple effect of these rough rollouts, or the ripples are desired. Either way is bad.

Prediction realized - Examples:
This will be a list of these peripheral results. I hope it isn't too long.

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