Monday, March 16, 2015

#NewsBham: Pro Marriage Equality Rally in Support of LGBT Rights Planned for March 22nd in Dothan

Equality For The Wiregrass Rally in support of the LGBTQ community including those in favor of same-sex marriage and equality is scheduled for March 22nd at the Dothan Civic Center..

The event is scheduled to coincide with an anti-same sex rally being held at the civic center at the same time.

On the Facebook invite there is a list with a number of rules regarding the peaceful, constructive nature of this event. Anyone interested in attending should visit the event page for further details, for links and to contact the coordinators for further details. 

There is a planning meeting scheduled a day before the rally. 

The Memphis Baptist Church in Dothan is planning the  "I Stand for Biblical Marriage" Rally at the same time. The event information is listed here for anyone interested: