Monday, January 12, 2015

#NewsBham- #WhiteGenocide Billboard Pops Up on I-59

Another billboard decrying anti-white bias has been installed on I-59 near Springville. 

The sign reads "Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person" including  the hashtag #white genocide along the bottom of the sign. (Undoubtedly they intended the two words to be joined together in a hashtag reading #WhiteGenocide)  

This is the third sign to receive media attention in less than two years. In 2013 there was a similar sign posted on I-59, reading "ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE"

In May of last year, a sign reading SECEDE was placed near I-85 in Montgomery including the name of the organization, League of the South, and the address. Although less overtly racial, the SECEDE sign was also claimed by Michael Hill, president of League of the South.

According to their website, League of the South is "...a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic."  

In what they call "abjuring the realm," The League of the South calls on whites to secede from today's "post Christian," culturally modern world. 

They organize rallies, provide networking, leadership, blogging, book reviews and articles all seemingly designed to spread the word of secession and a return to antebellum white, southern values. 

"While we seek to use shame and contempt to[sic] in exposing the self-serving institutions controlled by the Empire, we must not stop there. We must create our own parallel institutions to which our people can attach their loyalties." - LotS Website

As you can imagine, their targets include anyone in support of immigration reform, civil rights, progressive modernization and various other modern ills, as they would see them. 
"A man is either a propositionalist or a nationalist. There is no middle ground. You either believe in an abstraction such as equality or democracy or you believe in the realities of blood and soil, kith and kin." -Michael Hill
The League of the South even teaches secession from modern, proper English, providing lessons on "Verbal Independence," how to speak old-South and the use of Southern spelling.  

Their website is full of Confederate battle flags, images of white ladies holding anti immigration signs, images of Confederate soldiers, links to books decrying the decay of modern America, and general information on organizing a return to the plantation era South.   

The slogans used on League of the South's billboards, interestingly enough, spring from Northern roots. With the one exception of the billboard reading "SECEDE," the slogans stem from the White Genocide Project and Horus the Avenger's White Rabbit Radio, a white, neo-nazi, nationalist network whose roots are in the Northern US. 

Robert Whitacker's ideology, which espouses integration as a conspiracy to annihilate white people is the primary focus of these groups. The last lines of which read: 
"They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white."
The White Genocide Project took quick notice of the media coverage of the new sign in Alabama, posting an update on their website and calling for donations to install a similar billboard in the Northern US.  

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