Friday, January 16, 2015

#NewsBham- @SharrifSimmons Announces the End Of @BAAMfest, Birmingham Arts and Music Festival

Founded in 2010, Birmingham Arts and Music Festival (BAAM!) was a weekend-long festival presenting local arts & music.

BAAM Transitioned from a large multi-venue event with over 150 performances in 2010 through several park events, culminating in the final event known as Avondale Music and Art Festival, presented by BAAM. Overall the events showcased hundreds of local musicians and artists.

In a social media post today, Sharrif Simmons, founder of BAAMfest announced the "end of BAAM."

"It is with a heavy heart and ecstatic adulation that I announce the end of BAAM! Thank you for the memories's been a wild, bizarre, crazy ride. One of my most successful failures ever!! But what's next...ahh..what's next will amaze you!!"

Sharrif Simmons is well known in Birmingham for his community activism, especially in the realm of the arts and poetry. He has long been a champion of local arts, equality and social harmony. In his post he indicates something next. Whether that will be another arts festival or something entirely new stands to be seen. However, Simmons involvement in promoting local arts will undoubtedly continue unabated, in many different forms.